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Tired of renting instruments? 

Are you tired of renting your band instrument? Band students/parents tend to rent instruments so that children can try out a year of band.  Many parents, when their students continue in band, continue renting their instruments.   Rental programs are great, however in the long run you may be paying a lot more for your instrument.  If you are such a parent, consider the option of purchasing a used instrument outright instead of having years of payments.  Dickerson Music Company has used band instruments for sale to help you help your student get started. AND we also offer a 60 day layaway plan too.

We all know that having a student that is interested in playing when you don’t have a lot of money can be an problem.   Purchasing a used instrument that is in good playing condition may be the way to go. Some students get an instrument and only play for a year, they sit in a closet or get passed on to someone else. Why not bring it into Dickerson Music, we buy used instruments.

Local high school and college bands are threaded throughout our area and we support all band students.  We have several flutes, clarinets, trumpets, cornets, saxophones and we have a french horn, trombone, and bells available for a student that is wanting to learn or is currently in a band program.  Our used instrument stock is always changing, if you are looking for a particular brand of instrument please contact our store.

We carry items such as reeds, straps, mutes, mouth pieces, grease, oil, cleaning kits, and other accessories.


Instruments that are in need of repair,  need to look no further than Dickerson Music Company.  We do repairs on band instruments and stringed instruments.   Kelly is a luither, and both Kelly and Stacy can do band instrument repair.  We have a wealth of knowledge, even if you only have a question.

What else does Dickerson Music Offer

Kelly Kidder also sets up sound systems, lighting, and gives bass and guitar lessons to students from 7 to 80.   We are hoping to offer different types of lessons in the near future. Keep checking back for further updates.  Lessons are currently $20 for a half hour.



used flute
Open holed flute
used trombone
used clarinets
Clarinet, we have wood and plastic
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