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Cort and Giannini Dealer 

Cort Guitars are a established brand that has been producing fretted instruments since 1960s.  They have been manufacturing instruments for other brands since their beginnings.  Dickerson Music Company decided to carry the line nearly 20 years ago because at the time we were interested in carrying a quality low cost guitar.  We were so impressed with their solid top acoustic guitar that we expanded the models that we carry to include a sampling from all of their lines.

We were not looking for a second brand line of fretted instruments, when our representative from Giannini stopped by one day and introduced us to the brand.  After viewing the instruments and their price points, we felt they would be a good match to the Cort instruments that we were already carrying.  It was a good decision as our two top sellers are Giannini’s.

Used Instruments

Dickerson Music carries  used guitars.  Cort, Gianinni, Crestwood beginner guitars are in stock. Used gear goes quickly so you will want to drop in and play what is available.  We carry used pedals, and amplifiers.

We buy used gear too, so if you are thinking of getting rid of your guitar and want to trade in toward the purchase of something new, stop by and speak with Kelly.

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